Way of work

As I see myself as an allround artist I am able to create impressive tattoos of various styles.

I’d call my personal style dynamic, harmonic, sensitive, and motional.

I am aware of the body’s anatomy and will suit the tattoo to its shape. To get a better result of my art I sketch on your skin by hand using pencils.

I paint different “living“ objects like water, wind, plants, feathers, ornaments on the skin. I mostly design the artwork for my complex tattoos myself. Thus each tattoo will become unique. I like to work in this way in order to achieve a harmonic result starting from the original design.


A discussion with you going into detail about your wishes and ideas. Sketching and painting the artwork. Realization on the skin. Pricking lines, filling surfaces, shading, depending on the whole picture and the amount of time needed to come to completion. My fee is about 120€ per hour. Let’s get it started.

Making to measure

I produce a sketch of your body proportions using skin friendly pencils and print this on paper. These made to measure drawings are the base for the exact elaboration of the motive. Only this way I can be absolutely certain that the tattoo will in harmony with your body outlines.


I work with one-time material only that is disposed of after each use which is included in the fee. The tattoo is covered with a suprasorb plaster that can stay on the skin for up to four days. I will also provide you with instructions of how to best take care of your new tattoo and answer all your questions when you are at the studio and afterwards. I take care of you personally.


The bio organic style is a special one as it is adapted to your anatomy and comprises shapes of nature as well as abstract, over-realistic, fantastic, technical and mechanical ones. A map of the specific place on your body is made to underline the positions of the muscles. The artwork for your tattoo will be produced at the photoshop using the drawing tablet Wacom Cintiq 13dh. This enables me to make a digital drawing of approximate genuineness.

As a tattoo artist my goal is to produce motives that are unique and individual and in harmony with your body forms. I am an educated engraver and graphic designer and am therefore capable to work with various styles.

Geometric, Ornament, Organic, Biomech

Just have a look at my digital Artwork´s on my website or visit my studio in person to get a better impression of with I can offer you.

I am looking forward to seeing you.