René Golker

Tattoo Artist


A tattoo is a way of expression about your philosophy of live, maybe a commitment to somebody. It has to be as unique as the person itself that will carry it for the rest of his live.

To produce unique specifically
designed motives for my clients
is my wish and my ambition.

To make sure that your ideas and my artistic abilities will lead to a perfect result I need to get to know you through an ingoing conversation. We shall than elaborate a design that will be sketched on your skin, change it and emprove it until you are completely satisfied. After that I shall produce the actual tattoo to perfection.


I studied at the “Höhere technische Bundeslehranstalt” for engravers in Ferlach, Austria and finished in 2000 after my final examination.
The following years I was busy in various activities but decided to widen my horizon by learning more about design, so I enlisted at the Blochererschule Munich where I finished as examined designer for communication.

I accepted a job with “EVOC” as a designer for articles at sport and achieved quitesome experience in this field. Still this kind of work did not give me the possibility to fully develop as a artist, even a commercial one, so I concentrated more on designing tattoos, learned about this new technique and started working in this business in 2011. I soon developed quite a number of clients, acknowledgement and success followed which led to the opening of my own Tattoostudio in 2013. My education in both engraving and design as well as my various working experiences are the base of my artistic capacities leading to perfect performances and happy clients.